Add a touch of Class...

We provide quality vintage china & décor rentals for your intimate or grand events. Whether you're planning an Afternoon Tea Party, High Tea Event or anything in-between, add a touch of class to make your guests feel like Royalty.

Renting from the Royal Tea Exchange offers a reliable, stress-free, cost-effective approach to a beautiful event that your guests will remember for a lifetime.


I've always wanted a big tea party for my baby shower. I had it all planned in my head for a long time. It took us 5 years with many hard struggles to have our daughter. So when it was actually happening and time to plan a shower, my mother and I were beyond excited and more than ready to move forward with my special "Afternoon Tea" party. ​

We wanted everyone to be using real fine china and wanted 3-tiered dessert stands on every table. We wanted real tea cups and teapots. All of it! After realizing our guest list was around 75-100... that's when things became a bit daunting. Where were we going to get tea cups and saucers for 100 people? Or a dozen 3-tiered dessert stands? Two dozen tea pots? What about the cream and sugar? It could have easily cost us thousands of dollars - just for the china. And that was simply out of the question. So what did we do?

We went thrifting! I work part-time for an online auction company, so I was able to shop the auction each week. My parents started shopping around every weekend from all of the thrift stores in town... and out of town! My dad actually found a lot of beautiful pieces all on his own down in the Detroit area. He became sort of obsessed with shopping for tea pots and tea cups. He'd FaceTime me and excitedly show me his finds, and would point out the maker stamped underneath. "Well MINE from today are all made in England!" ​

My husband figured out the best way to cut through vintage plates. So I paired pieces together that I had him cut, bought fancy hardware and we made around two dozen 3-tiered dessert stands. Little child sized ones too! They are beautiful, one-of-a-kind stands and WOW did that save us a ton of money. After all was said and done, we accomplished what I had envisioned, but were left with an abundance of beautiful pieces that we now own... and had worked hard to collect. I just couldn't part with any of it. That is where my idea for the Royal Tea Exchange began.


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